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Business Strategy Challenge at Georgetown University

About the BSC Planning Committee

The BSC Planning Committe is responsible for organizing and overseeing the entire operation of the Business Strategy Challenge. The Committee consist entirely of current Georgetown University undergraduate students. The BSC Planning Committee is a division of Hilltop Consultants, the student organization behind the BSC.

Contact Us

For general inquiries about the Business Strategy Challenge, please send an email with your name, title, organization, and question to challenge@hilltopconsultants.org. If you have an issue-specific question, please contact the BSC Planning Committee member responsible for your business area.

The members of this year's BSC Planning Committee are:

Director - Nehal Shukla

Assistant Director - Perry Rogers

Assistant Directors of Sponsorship - Milan Patel and Vicky Wang

Assistant Directors of Marketing - Lauren Kim and Kai Fang

Assistant Directors of Judging - Kai Ding and Jason Chen

Assistant Directors of Logistics - Yun Ling, Cici Luo, and James Kim

Assistant Directors of Team Relations - Stephanie Kreusser and Katy McConnell

Case Writers - Rui Huang and Cigdem Eskiocak

For technology issues, please contact Alex Wilson, Vice President of Information Systems, Hilltop Consultants

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