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Business Strategy Challenge at Georgetown University

Why Participate in the Business Strategy Challenge?

As a participant in the Business Strategy Challenge, you will have a truly unique opportunity to hone your business skills. The challenges facing non-profit organizations will test your ability to develop creative solutions to financial, strategic, and operational problems beyond those available to private industry.

You will also learn tremendously from other competitors. As you listen to your peers, you will find new approaches you did not perceive and solutions you did not identify. The BSC also incorporates several social events where you can interact with students from other top universities.

Furthermore, you will be able to network with professionals in the field of management consulting. Several professionals from leading consulting firms will be judging the competition, and others from our sponsors will be attending throughout the weekend. Take this opportunity to learn more about the industry from the people who live it.

Join us and discover the thrill of problem-solving!

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